creating or retrofitting custom cricket scoreboards for clubs of any size

Custom Cricket Scoreboards

the 1920s scoreboard at luton town & indians cricket clubESU are passionate about traditional scoreboxes and will wherever possible look to preserve them, thus ensuring the character and history of these buildings is retained. Where the scorebox structure is sound it can normally be simply fitted with a new fascia. Our carpenters can construct and install this or we can provide detailed drawings for clubs or their contractors to do so. We work with clubs to ensure that they get the best layout for their scoreboard at a price they can afford with exemplary quality and service guaranteed.

Our Fascias

Constructed from only the best quality materials including WBP birch ply, acrylic finished or plastic coated for a maintenance free solution. The apertures are glazed with anti-glare polycarbonate offering protection and ensuring that there are no annoying reflections even in direct sunlight. An umpire light and removable glazed scorer’s window can be incorporated, if desired. When the fascia has a painted finish all signage is removable to allow repainting without the cost of re-signing.

New Builds

Clubs should speak to ESU and their local authority planning department before embarking on a new build project. We can help you find a local contractor to use, in conjunction with our own carpenters, if required or provide a turnkey solution. Roller shutters are available for extra protection.
See our New Build gallery

Repeater Boards

If spectators do not have a clear view of the main scoreboard installing a repeater board provides a solution.   These receive transmissions from the console to work in tandem with the main scoreboard and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.