how an A-level student inspired a successful electronic cricket scoreboard company

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The first electronic cricket scoreboard ??

The first electronic cricket scoreboard ?

During the late 1960s a student at Wymondham College wanted to design an electronic cricket scoreboard for his A level project. Cricket Master Andrew Seeley arranged a visit to Trent Bridge which was the first ground in the country to have an electronic scoreboard and with advice from a local firm his student designed and built two units fitted with pygmy bulbs. Members of the radio club made a further twelve units and other students and teachers helped with the construction of the structure that was to house the units – which was some 9 meters wide by 4.5 meters high. The impressive structure soon attracted interest from local clubs and led to enquiries from other counties. Andrew’s passion for cricket together with the electrical expertise of John Edwards led to some 200 pygmy lamp scoreboards being installed in clubs across the country and Electronic Scoreboard Units was born.


During the 1980’s the first electronic scoreboards were made with electromechanical digits and many scoreboards were supplied using this technology until good quality LED displays became available in the late 2000’s. This was around the same time that Andrew retired from the business but as President of his local club Great Melton CC, he was instrumental in the scoreboard upgrade in 2012 when we replaced the old ESU light bulb scoreboard with a 21st century LED system and he continued to take an interest in our projects up until his death in 2016.


The business was built on a reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding service – values we strive to maintain – and you can be sure that nowhere will you get a better quality product or superior service all at a competitive price. Because we have direct control over the engineering we can customise our scoreboards, integrate them with other manufacturers systems and provide a solution tailored to your requirements.