New Look for Bancroft’s School Scoreboard

Bancroft’s School had an electronic scoreboard purchased from another company, but the digits were starting to fail and were not very bright and hence difficult to see in bright sunlight. The  supplier was unable to rectify this or offer a viable solution, so the school contacted ESU. We proposed that it was best to replace the aged fascia with a new one and fit a new high brightness display system.

We provided the school with drawings and instructions to enable them to construct and install the new fascia which they did using polyester coated ply, which will save time and money on future maintenance. We supplied the polycarbonate to glaze the apertures which had an anti-glare finish so that  there are no reflections even in direct sunlight.

We were able to fit the electronic kit during the half term break giving them plenty of time to try it out before the summer term matches.